Intellectual Property Litigation

Clarity from Complexity

Protecting innovation and creativity can be complex, but it is critical as technology becomes both a source of revenue and a potential trap for individuals and corporations alike. Defending and enforcing intellectual property rights requires practical experience and the ability to fully understand complex matters and the associated technology.

Our Litigation Experience

ADD+G has a breadth of knowledge across numerous technologies that can be leveraged in the litigation of intellectual property. ADD+G represents clients in litigation in all areas of intellectual property disputes, including those involving patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, unfair competition, and deceptive trade practices.

ADD+G sets itself apart from other firms with an individualized litigation strategy that is aligned with each client’s specific business goals and needs. Strategies differ depending on the client and the case, but the attorneys of ADD+G are committed to managing and staffing every dispute as efficiently as possible to achieve the goals of each client using lean focused litigation solutions. 

Intellectual Property Litigation

Understanding Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property (IP) is the lock box for all of the ideas, innovations, and information that are at the heart of your company. IP is every bit as real as a machine or piece of property, and in many instances can be much more valuable. If you believe your intellectual property has been infringed by another, or if you have been accused of infringement, call ADD+G. ADD+G will help you understand your options and work toward solutions outside the courthouse where possible. However, ADD+G stands ready to zealously represent you inside the courthouse should the need arise.