Trademark Law

A Logo Doesn't Protect Itself

Leverage ADD+G's years of experience to guide your business in protecting its brands and logos. ADD+G has registered over 11,000 trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As a critical partner to your marketing and branding efforts, ADD+G can help with mark selection, registration and enforcement to make sure your valuable trademarks remain a strong identifier to your customers, and a barrier to your competitors who may otherwise try to take advantage of the goodwill you have in your business.


The Trademark Process

The Trademark Process

Trust Your Trademarks to Us

ADD+G manages national and international trademark registration portfolios of all sizes, and maintains a network of international trademark attorneys who stand ready to help us with international trademark acquisition and protection strategies wherever your business takes you. ADD+G has been named as one of the Top 50 trademark firms by the trade journal Intellectual Property Today based on the number of United States trademark registrations granted, as well as a Top 50 trademark firm by Trademark Insider.

The Trademark Professionals

The most important time to speak with a trademark professional is when you are thinking about new names for your products or services. Through their extensive experience, our trademark professionals know how different marks are likely to be received by the Trademark Office. Moreover, being involved with numerous trademark dispute resolution proceedings, they also have a good sense for how usage of a mark is likely to be received by others in the marketplace. ADD+G's trademark attorneys use this experience to not only help clients select marks that are more likely to navigate the Trademark Office, but also to help avoid potential conflicts with others in the marketplace. This is a critical in the early stages of a product life cycle. This is because significant money is often spent on brand advertising. Failure to secure a trademark registration, or conflicts with others over a mark, can undo all of that branding effort, and at tremendous cost.

When conflicts do arise over the life of a mark, ADD+G's professionals stand ready to help enforce trademark rights whether in trademark opposition proceedings, domain name registration disputes, or trademark litigation. Wherever your branding takes you, are trademark team stands ready to help protect it.

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Trademark Markings

Registered Marks Only

Ex: Ace® bandage

Unregistered Product Marks

Ex: Skype™

Unregistered Service Marks

Ex: MVP Healthcare℠

Understanding a Trademark

A “trademark” is any word, name, symbol or logo adopted and used by a manufacturer or seller to identify its goods or services, distinguish them from those of others, and indicate their source. Trademark rights begin as soon as you begin using a name in commerce, but a U.S. trademark registration is a key component of protecting the mark. Without registration, your mark can be protected only in the particular geographic area where you do business, and you have the burden of proving the extent of that area. With U.S. registration, your area of coverage may be extended to the whole country.