Mechanical Intellectual Property

Mechanical devices have been the subject matter of patents since the dawn of our Republic.  Indeed, some our nation’s founding fathers have been listed inventors for early mechanical patented inventions.  Notwithstanding their ancient heritage, mechanical patents still play a crucial role in our modern world. Quite simply, mechanical devices are intertwined in all aspects of our everyday lives.

Knee and hip prosthesis

Mechanical Examples

For example, while an Internet of Things (IoT) smart lock includes electrical circuit components, the latch and associated actuator are mechanical devices.  While your ultra-thin 4k display is a marvel of electronics and semiconductors, it is a mechanical design mount that permits it to be safely anchored on a wall.  Beyond these examples, the field of mechanical devices further includes medical devices, such as joint replacement devices, i.e., arthroplasty, optical implants, and motorized scooters.  In fact, the mechanical design field has experienced a renaissance with the dawn of computer aided design (CAD) software.

With CAD software and enhanced simulation software, the mechanical design of old mechanical designs are being modernized throughout our society.  Indeed, whether it is shape and texture of a power button on a new mobile wireless device, or the winglets on the end of a commercial aircraft, new mechanical designs are having substantial impact in our lives and society.

Experience In Mechanical IP

Our patent attorneys have backgrounds in mechanical engineering and physics.  Additionally, our patent attorneys have practical engineering experience, and have applied their engineering knowledge outside the practice of law.  On top of that, they have prepared and prosecuted thousands of patents covering all aspects of mechanical devices. These range all the way from the simple personal accessories to large wind power generating turbines.  

We also have significant experience with mechanical designs. We have prepared and prosecuted patents on all aspects of mechanical designs, ranging from electronic device accessories, such as mounts and device casings, keyboard structures, agricultural implements, such as cultivators, medical devices, arthroplasty implants, angler accessories, such as fishing lures, vehicle accessories and designs, marine vessel accessories and designs, furniture designs, and radio frequency (RF) antenna design.

Experience In Mechanical IP

Why Choose Us

With any technology, it is always important to have a skilled and experienced patent attorney help craft your patent application to have the best chance for success when it is picked up and examined by an examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  As we are “in the trenches” dealing with examiners on mechanical cases on a regular basis, we are able to continually work towards better resolutions for applicants and share “lessons learned” among the members of our team. Also, prosecution of mechanical patent applications with the USPTO can be rather incremental.  Our experienced patent attorneys know how to advance prosecution efficiently and without unnecessarily surrendering claim scope for a quick and easy victory. Moreover, our experience in the mechanical arts enables us to review your mechanical design and the best approach to help navigate the patent prosecution process with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

When it comes to mechanical devices, we cover them all. Let our skilled mechanical device patent attorneys leverage their vast knowledge and experience to help protect your key mechanical design-related innovations.

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